When you are alone and no-one is watching, what do you do? The answer to that is easily found in every minuscule action you perform in ANY task. I use chores as the easiest example.

You wipe down the entire kitchen, you clean the stove, you sweep, you mop, you spend 3 hours cleaning up a kitchen you don't even know how got dirty. And then you see it. 

The tiniest spec of some liquid substance on the edge of the counter. You can do what many people do which is procrastinate and say "I'll do it tomorrow." Or you can do what many successful people do and that's clean that up NOW. 

You see its more than just cleaning that spec of liquid substance. Its more than doing some chore. Its more than adding an extra 2 minutes of time from cleaning the kitchen. Its about reprogramming.

Reprogramming your mind is a constant battle and if you lose each battle, then at some point you will lose the war. So tests and challenges like this are what separate you from good to GREAT. 

When you're alone its easy to say: Ill do it tomorrow, Ill have someone else do it, Ill _____________________. We all know what the easy route is. Why not blaze a trail for others to follow instead. 

The journey towards success is not a path filled with rich people, its a path full of bodies that decided to give up when they should have kept going further. Its a path little go down, but are rewarded greatly. Its a path that is seen as 'lucky.' Nonetheless this is your path and you best make sure you will give it EVERYTHING you got leaving nothing untamed.