"Start where you are with what you have." -Arthur Ashe
I remember being told before I started my business, "Don't you need capital for that? Shouldn't you get an SBA loan or sell all your stuff?" I looked at that person and said "there are other areas of value you can provide." He didn’t understand. Within the first 3 months, I made $50,000.

Currency only holds a monetary value, whereas your gifts, talents, and abilities hold a LIMITLESS value. Think about it. Would you pay an average business that does the same thing every day OR would you pay a business that was PASSIONATE about what they did. They ate, breathed, and lived their work, always talking about advancing an inch every time. I think we both know the answer. We barely glance at the fact that if we just did more than what was required we could actually attain the pay scale we see for ourselves. It’s strange to think that we make $30,000-$50,000 and accept it. We don’t dare fight for what we are worth, and some of us become so defeated by some $$$ text on a screen that we let it define us. If someone told you, you are worth X amount of dollars, would you accept that as fact or an opinion. If you see it as an opinion, then you must justify it. 

WHY are you worth what you think you are? 

WHAT separates you from the other 99% out there?

WHAT kind of VALUE can you add to every business?

And if you are starting your own business, start where you are with what you have because you are EXACTLY where you need to be. This is a test. A test to see if you are able to produce money with the value that you have NOW, versus pulling out a loan, not knowing how to manage it or worse, not knowing how to produce it and then ultimately losing your business. 

Cough Cough…I say this from experience.