My Gift

You have an idea. 

It could be an invention, a challenge for others to embark on, or something so BIG that it scares you to pursue it. Nonetheless, do it. God gave you this idea to pursue it. Its an idea so grand that it scares small minds. 

Don't ever let a gift surpass you, don't look at how much fear it puts into you, but look at the future and how many people you can help because of it. There are people out there waiting to hear your dream, because it will inspire them to pursue theirs. There are countless stories of people in their deathbeds regretting how they lived life. From living a 9-5 life to never spending enough time with their family, we have heard it all. That's not who you want to be. 

You were given this gift because no-one can accomplish it like you can. No-one can do a better job at it than you can, no-one can have this because it is YOURS. It scares small minds because the have never pursued their dream in the first place, don't let that deteriorate your thinking.

Think BIG, start small, accomplish something every day.