Be Free

When i first heard the quote "There are two most important days in your life, the day you are born, and the day you find out why" by Mark Twain, I dropped what I was doing, went to my bathroom mirror and stared at the person looking back. I had realized that everything in my life wasn't me LIVING, but surviving. I was surviving with each paycheck, surviving only for the weekend, and dissatisfied with how my life had been going. And the only person to blame for that was me.

There are two choices people make at this point, continue living the way they did and blame the environment around them. Or overcome the environment and adopt a new way of thinking. I chose the latter. It has been filled with trap doors and false friends, but the real prize is what's at the end, a better version of myself. Its not about the money, it must never be about the money, otherwise you will find yourself attaining it and then upset at what to do next. Many successful people pursue the money and find out that its not what they wanted all along. When you figure out your passion, your WHY, you start to realize that its about something bigger than you. Bigger than you can ever imagine. 

The lives you change, the relationships you become a part of, the experiences that transcend into a memory...that is what really matters.