Mountains only go so high.
— Brian Abion

The heart can raise armies, it can level mountains, it can defend nations in such a way and such a fashion that people will look upon and say "I will follow that person." You see the heart is a beautiful thing. It can carry someone into their greatness. That if they were to listen to it, their heart would cancel out their body's thoughts of "I can't do this." or the mind's "Do you really have what it takes?" The heart can take you places that you couldn't even fathom. I have experienced what life can tear down, I was born into a nation known for poverty, I was bullied all around the world, I have experienced and stared death in the face and said "I was born for greatness," and won. 

That is what I will bring out of you, your company, and/or the people that surround you. That you have something within you waiting to be unleashed, waiting to be brought out. That who you are right now isn't who you will forever be, that there is a stronger person within, crying to be let out. 

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Previous Engagements

  • Project Hope Francis Tuttle
  • AMA (Academy of Martial Arts) OKC
  • Military course on transferring to civilian life
  • Military course on creating a business
  • Master of Ceremonies for Military Retirement
  • Master of Ceremonies for Leadership Presentation
  • Systems Training course for over 500 personnel
  • Sarasota High School 
  • McDonough High School
  • Niceville High School
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