Matthew 7:7 NIV "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will opened to you."

What you are searching for, working towards, and focusing headed towards you. Imagine a treasure chest being held down by chains and those chains being cemented into the ground. What is inside that treasure chest is what you have been wanting your entire life. You do not know what's inside, but you know from birth that you have wanted it. The second you say "YES" to your dream, those chains nudge a little bit. Not a lot, maybe a centimeter, but it moves. Did you READ THAT?!?! IT MOVES. And the more you work towards your dream, it continues to move, it continues to pop out of those chains and it moves towards you. 

You see you are on the path to rescue your dream. It is in danger, and it needs you to unlock it. If you don't, it remains bound and chained, and when your life leaves you on this Earth, your dream remains in the same spot, rotting. 

So I urge you to stay on the path. Keep seeking and using your gifts that were handed to you by God, keep living full every day, keep striving to go against the negativity towards your dream. When you fall, keep getting back up. When you get setback, it is setting you up for a comeback. When you get stuck, that is just an opportunity to think clearly. When chaos is all around you, that is perfect for learning how to organize it. 

Life is full of opportunities of growth, there is a chance to grow with every single complication in your life, and if you use that towards pursuing what you want out of life instead of complaining, your dream will sprint towards you. It will jump out of those chains and continue sprinting to you, until you get it.