You’re either one of two people. You’re either someone who stands still or someone who is moving. 

The person that stands still, hates their life. They complain, they bitch, they moan, they hate everything that is happening in their life because they feel like nothing will change and they accept that. 


Now if you’re the person that is moving, good for you. Constantly moving is a good thing, you end up dodging things that try to hold you down in situations in which the guy who stands still, accepts. Now the key is that whether you are moving forwards or backwards, you must love it. You must love the ups and downs, the valleys and the mountains, the births and the deaths. You must love every single part of it and know that you are experiencing everything more than the guy that is standing still. That failures and successes actually are part of the process of true happiness. Progress is happiness. 

We need progress. We need to be constantly moving through the struggles, so we can learn from it enough to not go through it again. This is growth, this is what we must go through whether its good or bad. It sucks to be the person to go through the same problem over and over again never learning from it. I can attest to that. Some struggles I have gone through multiple times until it took an even more painful experience to realize that i must change. 

So whatever good or bad, push through it. Move forward. Dream and then live that dream. Bring it into reality until your dreams come to fruition every single time.