A New Years Resolution will stay just that if proper precautions aren’t put in place. You want to be able to accomplish that goal, that big dream, instead of putting it on the back burner and say you could have done it. So here are some easy tips to help you finally win. 

Passionate Resolution

    First and foremost, don’t make some simple stupid resolution that seems more like a task on your things to do list. Your resolution shouldn’t be: to work out more, to make more money, to be more famous. Everyone has those on their list.

Your resolution needs to be something that feels impossible.

You must adopt the mind like those in our history of flying to the moon and back, of obtaining the Nobel Peace Prize, of going to the olympics to compete, and not just watch it. Dream big of something so big that is attached to fear and doubt because that is what is going to attach passion to what you want to do. 

Make it a Daily Habit

    This is no easy task. And you must treat it as such! Write post it notes, wake up to it as your alarm clock, whatever it takes to see it every day for you to realize that this isn’t a 1 day accomplishment. It could take weeks, years, or even become your next New Years resolutions. So now that you understand what it takes, you must also understand that every single day you decide trying not to battle this, procrastinating and putting it off is just another day the resolution is winning over you. Pray on it every day, battle it every day, each fight that you win is another fight closer to saying “I finally completed my resolution:______.”


    Having a mentor is probably the best way to complete this. Someone that has either gone through what you want, or someone that has faced great adversity and beat it. But getting a mentor is not as easy as Googling “My nearest Mentor” and “renting” someone. Acquiring a mentor must be natural and often times the word mentor doesn’t even pop up. You just realize you are in the moment of having someone teach you to complete what you want most. Now this doesn’t have to be someone that physically knows you, with the technology we have now, there are mentors everywhere you go. Periscope, Podcasts, Blogs of Gary Vaynerchuck, Andy Frisella, Mark Cuban, etc. and any type of video or audio that you can listen to and be inspired from is considered being mentor material. 

I wish you the best in completing your resolution and that these tips helped. What a great year 2016 will be. I have faith in you and i know you will accomplish so much more this year than you have last year because this is a new you. Here is to success!!!