In one way or another we have all experienced a school bully whether it was watching someone being pummeled, defending someone, or being that someone. As a child I have been all over the world and have been bullied everywhere I went. Fights were never fair, teachers looked on without helping, and the beatings never stopped. The only time they stopped was when I took control of my life. The same goes with life’s mountains. 

Have you ever stood at the base of mountain, lifted your head so far back to grasp the entire view, and felt fear. Fear that you will never obtain the accomplishment of climbing it, fear of being called a coward for never taking that step, fear of being so small to even be able to conquer a feat. When we hear about the story of David and Goliath we learn about a mere boy being able to conquer a giant. Goliath was over 9 feet tall. When David went to the battlefield he ran towards the enemy without fear, without doubt, without a second thought of losing. He had put all his faith in God KNOWING he would win. We must do the same; with school bullies, with fear, with our ranges of mountains we face in life. Our faith must be so strong and have an unwavering confidence that we will not quit UNTIL we win.

When I was afraid of bullies I started picking up MMA to learn how to fight so I can never fear it again. When I was afraid of speaking in front of people I took public speech classes in order to combat that fear. When I was to face more goliaths in the future I learned what I needed to to not only climb those mountains, but conquer them. Knowledge is not only powerful, it is life-saving. It gives you the confidence, the skills, the willingness to succeed. If you haven’t conquered over a bully in your past, there is no better time than to conquer it NOW.