I was speaking with someone the other day and we were talking about our past in active duty military. He told me something I will never forget. 

"I was an Army Scout. I performed numerous missions, saved countless lives, trained a ridiculous amount of people. You know I used to be somebody, I used to really do great things. Now I'm just Mr. Smith. No-one knows me"

What shocked me even more was that he repeated the same story. Three times in the same day, even to other people! How demeaning and painful it must be to think we are "something" and that we have "the stuff" just because we are in a certain position or given a title, never realizing we have had that all along. I recognized this while I was in Active Duty. What hit me the most was that I was being taken care of by Uncle Sam so much that I never realized how ill-prepared I really was if something were to happen. That day came in October 2011 (or 2012?) when it made global news that us as the military may not be paid, but we are still required to come to work. I had a family at the time and I am sure all personnel (including families) in every military base was sweating bullets.

Thankfully, nothing happened.

Except that I grew independent that day. 

Us as human beings often look for validation to show us proof that we are doing something right or extraordinary. We hardly look internally and speak to ourselves of the greatness that resides within us. Tony Robbins every morning repetitively speaks of what he will accomplish. Craig Groeschel asks God to guide his hands, feet, thoughts for each day. And I, like many others, listen to motivational videos for workout music. Its all about training your mindset differently from what we were taught as children. You must create a muscle memory every day to tackle the defeat, the failures, and push forward. Instead of saying "I used to be somebody," you automatically create a rebuttal that says "I AM somebody."

What you have been looking for all along is within. Its always been there. Waiting...for you.