These tips are from Noah Kagan, i figured I would share them with you since they were so good! Noah Kagan is from and he is famous for being Facebook, Mint, Kickflip, Appsumo, and now OKdork. His marketing knowledge is INCREDIBLE, and the way he presented himself on Tony Robbins Podcast "Are you a Wantrapreneur?" really made me rethink how I approach the public stigma of rejection. I even used that lesson I learned today! I was in the gym and I was watching 2 people working out and there was this particular workout they did that I knew would injure their back. These guys were bigger than me, and I was definitely hesitant in approaching them, especially since I would be correcting them on an exercise. But i did it anyway.  Thoughts came into my head such as "What if they don't want to hear it? Or what if they ridicule you, or give you bad looks?" And i finally broke through it with my own question "Who cares?"

That's what Noah Kagan did for me. It made me reprogram my brain to go against what I have know for years. He has other challenges to break through that programming such as the coffee challenge (ask for 10% off), ask for people's newspapers or magazines, 

  1. GIVEAWAYS - Use or Rafflecopter and ask companies if you can promote them.
  2. INTERVIEWS - Interview people in your specific field. Then send it to them. 
  3. GUEST POSTING - Guest Post in blogs, websites, social media, anything that YOU can add value to someone's else's site.
  4. AVAILABLE NETWORK - Look towards your community, your friends, your church, anywhere that you spend time. Network like crazy and create relationships constantly.
  5. ADVERTISEMENT - No you do not have to buy a Lamar billboard. Now this last strategy is ONLY if you have a budget for advertisement. Look to Googleads, Facebook, One niche ads. Most of the time you can search for a googleads coupon where you spend $25, and Google gives you $75 credit.