Psalm 1:1 "Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of the sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers;"

The pursuit of success does not and will not accept deceit. It requires doing the right thing not at just the right time but EVERY time. What you do in the dark when nobody is watching, is what you will be doing in the light when everybody is watching. Its like those old cartoons where the angel stood on one shoulder and the devil stood on the other; the angel guiding you towards doing the right thing, and the devil obviously steering you towards another. 

It is a battle with every decision. 

That’s right not just every day, but every decision. Integrity is a DAILY activity constantly testing you like an old teacher, hoping for you to step towards the right direction. Every step you take towards the right direction will keep you on the correct path towards your dream. 

So as you are washing those dishes, set them aside, and then review your work. You find a small mark, less than half an inch, if anything it could be a millimeter. Something so small and insignificant, something most people would say “Its okay, Im not worried about it.” That decision alone has set a catastrophic avalanche of pursuing laziness, slothfulness, and procrastination. Though you may do 100 right things, that one wrong thing will set you back and have everyone looking at you in dismay disappointed at what you have done. One wrong thing can ruin a thousand rights. Its interesting isn’t it. 

There was this great demonstration of Christine Caine with a white poster board and a dot in the middle. This 3 foot by 3 foot board with a 1 inch black dot in the very center and she asked this “What do you see?” Everyone said they saw the black dot. Of course they did, because it ruined everything. The purity and perfection of the white was to resemble God and the black dot was to resemble the imperfection. Then she said “How come noone else notices the white blessings and only the black dot?” 

Interesting isn’t it?