Commit yourself to something greater. It can be your dream, giving to a greater cause, or making a goal to help a different person every day. Whatever it is, it must be GREATER than you.

My father mentioned something very interesting to me. That us as humans are very self-centered, that we make ourselves the very center of everything, we are focused so much on ME ME ME. Case in point, we once thought Earth was the very center of the universe, when we walk through high school corridors we constantly remind ourselves of our self-image, and when it comes to wanting something it usually leads to the question of "What do i get out of it?"

I for one can tell you that it truly is better to give than it is to receive. I once had a mindset of take take take, what can i get out of it, what's in it for me, why should i do that when i get nothing in return? Until i realized that in order to succeed in life you must give more to society than society gives to you. You must commit to something greater than yourself and really step away from that pridefulness we were created with.