As i spoke with as many as 60 at-risk students for Project Hope, it took me time to settle in that role. Speaking on a stage is a different kind of adrenaline rush. My legs shake, butterflies increase,  and my voice feels like its going to crackle the moment i say something. BUT I LOVE IT.

What is it that excites you? 

What is it that can turn your world upside down?

What can you do within the next 7 days that will make you feel ALIVE?

I challenge you to do something creative, spontaneous, so daring that you feel like life is worth living. Most of us spend too much time thinking and planning that it takes 90% of the decision to act and really pursue what we want. Most of the time you just have to GO FOR IT. I spent a whole 6 months trying to strategize on how to speak in front of a crowd that I never did anything. I just sat down wasting my time. Don't spend your time wasting it away. Remember how valuable time is. Money and other resources you can spend it, earn it, make more of it, but time can ONLY be used, and then remembered as a memory. 

So take the time you have now and invest in yourself.