Motivation is a high. 

There I said it. Motivation is like a drug that gets passed around, smoked, and then passed to the next person. It is a Feel Good feeling, it takes away the pain you are going through right now, and places you into a state of emotion that makes you never want to leave. Its nice isn't it? But what happens when that fades? What happens when your motivational speaker, your guru, or quote of the day is gone and its up to you to fend for yourself? You see, motivation will only get you so far, it is the driving action that really moves you forward. Let's take a very realistic example that many can relate to.

Social media is beautiful. It can bring people together or separate people apart. One thing it does do is spread the news like a wildfire. But it isn't enough. People can get all riled up, all fired up about a specific situation, BUT not care enough to do any action to prevent it from happening again, or fix it right then and there. Once again, motivation is the key stumbling block here. It can poke at the tiger in the cage causing uproars and intolerable fear, but without action, it is merely a cat in a cage. It is just another pet in the zoo. 

Is motivation good? Yes, it is. Is it enough? No. Motivation WITH action creates a dangerous person, it creates a successful person. Someone who doesn't need a support system to fire them up or tell them where they need to be in life, someone who doesn't need validation from their superiors, someone who doesn't need acceptance from society. You see with some successful people, motivation isn't even required. They don't start off the day with reading 2 haiku poems, meditating for 30 minutes, and eating 2 granola bars with chia seeds for energetic motivation...some people just get shit done. They know what they want, and they take the necessary actions to do it. 

You may be motivated to do something, but it isn't enough. Try this exercise and I hope it helps you move forward. Create a power list (As Andy Frisella calls it), a list of 1-7 major things that need to be done during that day. Im no talking about dropping a #2, making dinner, saying hi to your neighbor, I'm talking about important shit. 1. Call company A to see if we can market our products in their stores. 2. Contact Personal training certification company to find out how to get my certification the fastest. 3. Go to meet up with various local members to increase network relationships. Those kind of things. 

You will find that the more you do it, the more you GET SHIT DONE in one day, the more you will get done in a week, a month, and finally the whole year. And remember, motivation is just a drug to make you feel good, its the Action, the driving force that will really push you forward.