After my business went under I fell into a state of depression. Upset at the fact that not only did my first business fail, but that the person I hired was my friend, I couldn't fire him, and he had torn my business to the ground. I lost all that work put in. I lost countless hours of blood, sweat, and tears.  

I lost myself.  

After that depression stage I found myself unable to pay bills, eviction notices, cell phone blacklisted, utilities getting cut off, the works. then Christmas came around and I struggled to provide presents with little money that I had working side jobs. And the grand daddy of all situations came up. My previous clients put me on blast all over social media. I explained what happened in the background, was still trying to pay people off since then, tried doing everything right..but it didn't matter. It was Christmas Day and the entire year of failures had fallen on it. But after that...

I found peace. True peace. I started getting closer to God and I realized that in order for me to open up to REAL success, the old me had to be broken down. Old me had to live those moments so I could NEVER go through it again. You see, those "failures" I kept talking about were learning experiences. It took me a long while to realize that you do not learn. It's your decision to take whichever route. Fail or learn.  

So you must dust yourself off, you must push forward, you must WIN every day in some form or fashion because at the end of the day, it's you who says "Today I put in an honest day's work." Not the people around you.