Your path is beautiful, albeit its full of trapdoors, deception, people that despise you, people that will try to break you, loss, suffering, debt, pain, sickness...and even with all that...

you still come out victorious. All you have to do is start, and not give up. Sounds easy doesn't it? Sounds easy, looks easy, but it is most definitely in fact not. The pain you will go through will make you want to quit every single time opposition comes, but you must stand firm on your ground. You must keep believing that one day you will achieve everything you want, your debt will be paid off, your cancer will be healed, your family relationships will be cured. You MUST believe that. For if you don't, all those negative experiences i spoke of earlier will continue to happen and you will not only be right back where you started, but worse. 

This isn't a path for the average person that thinks everything will come to them. This is a path that must be full of passion. When the money doesn't come in, your passion will take you to your next idea. When the eviction notice gets posted on your door, your passion will help you fight through it and realize small things like this will not break you. When you get publicly humiliated and shamed on Christmas day, your passion will break through that mold of society elevating you to where you need to be. I say these because I have gone through these things within the past year, and those are just "some" of the highlights. Yet I do not regret anything. I have learned so much failing my first business than I have working for a company +8 years. SHIT IS TOUGH. But I got through it, and I am only growing stronger. Ill tell you what I told a class full of veterans,

"Its not a matter of IF I become successful, its a matter of WHEN."

Take. Your. Journey.