Philanthropy is more than just charity, giving large sums of money and donations. What its truly about is the love of humanity. PURE love. Its the act of caring for one another, finding a cause that's so meaningful that nothing stops you until you complete helping someone with their journey. I believe at some point in everyone's life they should engage in some sort of philanthropist-type of giving, and I am not just talking about money.

Let's trade money for the most valuable resource that we do have - time. For time, we cannot create it, we cannot make more of it, we cannot increase it. We can only use it, waste it, spend it wisely. Time is our most valuable asset and what we do with that time determines who we really are in life. The questions that we ask ourselves on a deeper level can be answered through our actions in our history. What have we done before vs. what will we do now, and what will we do to better help people? 

How much more time do you need to not visit the regret stage and spend time with your family? How many minutes will be lost to just give that extra person a hand on the side of the road? How much more value can you add to your life just because you helped someone else? 

I am slowly realizing that in order to become wealthy, TRULY wealthy, it is to help every single person that comes into my path. Jim Rohn said "If you help everyone with what they want, you can have everything you want." So I encourage you to help every single person you meet. Don't worry about the outcome, don't worry about how much time you will lose or being late, worry about this person that comes into your life as if it is the last time you will ever see them.