Remember when I told you to be grateful for everything in life, let's focus on that.
Today was one of those days, everything went absolutely perfect. Started the day off with an individual who is normally negative. Now I don't know her personally, but she was a cashier at a gas station and she always had this vibe to her. You know, the "I don't want to be here vibe, so don't ask." But each day I saw her I had always attempted to at least try and make that day better such as saying "Yay, its Friday, almost time for you to enjoy your weekend." 
Well today I realized why she was in such a down position for the longest time. It was something serious, but I knew that God had something better for her. So there I was, in my uniform, where we are not encouraged to express our faith. But God told me to pray for her. Scratch that, He told me to pray WITH her. So i did, and the expression of gratitude from her was something I would never forget. There is a beautiful saying that goes "Sometimes, you are the only Bible people will ever read." How true that really is. 
You see, sometimes its not enough to do "drive-by" prayers. Its not enough to tell someone, "I will pray for you later." To truly be the vessel for God, you have to pray WITH the people that need it most. People that are struggling, people that are hurting, people that are bound by chains, and you are the person to help set them free. And all it takes is saying "Yes" to that whispering voice inside you. 
For some reason, after this moment, the rest of this day was perfect. Nothing but peace, INCREDIBLE accomplishments and breakthroughs, and trust in God. So I urge you to LIVE every day. So often we find ourselves distracted with life, distracted by the pain, the sorrow, the suffering, and we forget to LIVE. We get caught in the routine of working for hours on end, then coming home being tired and not spending time with our family, and we forget how to truly live life. Most of us save for a vacation 1 time during the year. Your vacation is every day, you should be living it. You should be loving what you are doing as long as you have a purpose, and if you don't, its time to figure out what that purpose is, are literally walking 'dead.'