"Take a step back. "

Was what I said to my wife when things seemed daunting. This is what it will feel like when you are pursuing what you truly want out of life, what your spirit wants, what you truly desire. I told her to take a step back and evaluate everything she was doing. Because some days you will get writers block. Some days you will question what you're doing, some days you will wish you never even pursued your dream...

BUT, it is most important to NEVER STOP DREAMING. Never stop pursuing what you want in life, because we all get stuck in life's traps. Traps of never moving forward, of being told the lies that we can't move forward. So often I speak with people that think this is their final form in life. That they are meant to only take care of their family and then say "I lived a good life, right now I'd be happy if I died." If I were to tell them that they had more in them than they think they do, I would always be given the look of surprise. The same goes with you. You have more in you than you can imagine! Do something crazy! 

Go out on the town and sing your head off in a bar in front of a hundred people you don't know, make an appointment today to go skydiving this weekend, go to an animal shelter and hug every single puppy you see, high five every person you see as you walk down a crowded street. DO SOMETHING AMAZING! We have enough negative people in this world, we need more dreamers, scholars, architects, inventors, innovators, people that sing, people that make hilarious jokes, people who build relationships instead of burn them, people that are worth living for.  

People nowadays are so believing in the "I would die for this" mentality. As if that's it, their life would end and nothing else would happen except a 1 hour long funeral. How about we LIVE for something? How about we pursue something so daring that documentaries are created about us, how about we create paths and trails for the little ones behind us so they can step in every footprint we make and say "I'm honored to follow in those steps." 

Stop trying to die for something and start living for something. Keep dreaming and pursuing that dream, because in the end, that's what you really want.