"If you could pursue anything you want in life without the worry of money, what would you pursue?
Do THAT. The money will eventually come." -Unknown

Some wise words I heard through a broadcast one day..
Today is an important day. Let me walk you through it

-Morning drive to work - Pray to God and ask for victory, greatness, and chains being broken.
-Get to work and have one of the biggest heart to hearts with someone and them telling me that I have more potential in me than I realize and they already know I will become successful. (2nd person to say this within 1 month).
-Get home and reevaluate my life.
-Quit my second job. 

Wild huh? 

I had realized one thing, I was straying away from my path!!! I was straying away and focusing on something that wasn't as important as my dream. I lost my hours of being able to spend time with my family, I lost my relationship with God, I lost every weekend imaginable, and I lost myself. Every single night I would come home distraught and angry that I was living this kind of life. That I KNOW there is something better out there for me, that if I keep settling like I am now, there will NEVER be an accomplishment of my dream. I wasn't hustling, I was working for someone else, and yes there IS a difference. 

What is the point of working for someone when they don't see the value in you that YOU see?! What's the point of adding value to a company when they don't add value back, when they say they will do certain things to build you up, but go back on their word. I say this with confidence and not ego, I am worth more than what people think of me, I am worth more than what companies think of me, I am worth more than what my boss thinks of me. I have GREATNESS within me and not only that, but you do too!! You have potential within you waiting to be released and the best/worst thing about it is that it is just sitting there. Its waiting ever so patiently for you to knock and nits door and say "Im ready." 

Matthew 17:20 states "Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."

Tell your mountain to move. Demand it.