You will fail.

Did you want to hear that everything was going to be 100% perfect? Did you want to hear that everyone you meet is going to praise you and congratulate you? Did you want to hear that you will never make a single mistake? Well too fucking bad.

You will fail. I guarantee it. People that say that they have never failed are lying to you and to themselves, they just want you to see the highlights of their life and not their defeats. They want everyone to see this perfect unblemished person when really they are no better than you.

The second you said " I will accomplish my dreams." Where you physically felt something within you rise up and are willing to take action towards a better you, that is when life became determined to make your existence a living hell.

Now that you understand that you will fail it is absolutely important to know that you must get back up. It's your responsibility, your obligation, your fucking future on the line decision to get back up. Because if you fail and get knocked down and then stay down, you will continue to do this for the rest of your life. So dust yourself off, wipe off your tears, laugh it off and then stare fear in the face and say "I'm coming for you."

"If you only shoot for your limits, then that is where you will always be."