I always speak about conquering the mountain, defeating your struggles, your obstacles, your adversity, beating your mountain. 

Then it just hit me that you could be that same exact mountain. Instead of going out searching for mountains to conquer, people are looking to conquer you. You are not only valuable in strength, but you are valuable when the hard times hit, when everyone panics and you are unshakeable. You are not only a massive rock that people look up to, but you are something legends are made out of. People pass away, history is rewritten, and goals are remade, but you as a mountain will always be there. Something that people will marvel at just because they are passing by. 

Strength defines you.

Its crazy to think that this whole time i was thinking about going out and conquering whatever hardships and mountains come. But i remembered Sean Whalen’s Lighthouse over Tugboat philosophy and for some reason the mountain stuck out more to me. I want to be that fucking mountain! Never afraid, never shaken by the outcomes of life, never becoming someone’s doormat. That is what being a mountain means to me.